Venue: The Common Room
Dates: Tuesday 15 July


Media Point

Come Along Do

The Common Room

Join us after the 6pm screening of Camille Claudel 1915 on Tue 15 July for Come Along Do, an informal and lively platform for discussion around art and film, led by Gill Nicol. Whether you have something burning to say or would simply like to listen and ponder over the film, just come along - everyone is welcome.

Famed sculptress and rebellious lover of Rodin, Camille Claudel was committed to an asylum by her conservative family in 1913 and remained confined until she died 30 years later. In this brutally austere film, we wait with Camille, powerfully embodied by Binoche, as she expects a visit from her brother Paul. Using a cast of real patients and their carers and dialogue from letters exchanged between Camille and her brother, the film asks important questions about art and madness and how we deal with “troublesome” women.

£2.50 Click here to book (Tickets for the film screening must be purchased seperately)


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