Groundwork Pro: Representation of the People: Act

Tuesday 16 January - Thursday 15 March

at Three Doors Up, Queens Arcade


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Groundwork Pro: Representation of the People: Act

100yrs since women achieved the right to vote: Where are we now?

Groundwork Pro is hosting a series of discussions/events to celebrate, continue conversations around gender equality and examine action in our art form.

We have 3 exceptional women joining us to discuss their politics, practice and personal journeys. Join us at Three Doors Up, (Queens Arcade) over a glass of wine and bite to eat.


Tue 16 Jan 5.45 – 7.30: Amy Bell – Missing in Action: Gender Guerrillas

Amy’s event will focusing on queer issues, the marginalisation or invisibility of queer women in dance and the lack of trans/nonibinary representation in our art form.


Wed 24 Jan 5.45 – 7.30: Hannah Buckley – We Are Now: Celebrating intergenerational exchange and women

Hannah’s event will introduce her practice, talk about her intergenerational project We Are Now and open up group brainstorming and discussion around its central questions and themes:

  • How do I create a space (and eventually performance) where adult / child and everything in between is equal? (ie. its not a something for children where adults can join in and visa versa).
  • How do I care for everyone’s needs but also challenge / explore / stay true to my artistic practice?
  • How do I care for everyone’s needs but move beyond social presumptions?
  • How can I be clear and also let things emerge?
  • How do I celebrate women and intergenerational exchange per-formatively/ through performance?
  • We Are Now is a work in progress intergenerational project by movement artist Hannah Buckley. It began in 2015, and came out of Hannah’s work with Accumulations, a collective of four artists/curators/academics in Manchester. We Are Now is an ongoing film series and will eventually be a live performance.

Hannah is also working with photographer Sara Teresa to document the project, with the intention of producing a We Are Now book. All elements of We Are Now celebrate intergenerational exchange and women.


Wed 31 Jan 5.45 – 7.30: Eleanor Sikorski – Take it personally: In the journey towards equality, everyone needs to play a part and it has to get personal

Personal stories have the power to change the world, or so we are told.

Often our personal stories can feel too small to make an impact, and it can be hard to be heard if you don’t happen to be a Hollywood star.

In the journey towards equality, everyone needs to play a part and it has to get personal.

Can our everyday experiences of work, dance and play, make a difference? Let’s take it personally and see.


Thurs 15 March 5.45 – 7.30: Last Years Interesting Negro / Jamila Johnson Small: Practices Toward Transformation 

Last Yearz Interesting Negro makes dance shows. One of their current works is BASICTENSION, started in 2017 it is a Contemporary Dance performance, from a place of asking how/whether their black body can actually engage with the aesthetic value system of what is known as contemporary dance. Wondering how to arrive at ‘new’ aesthetics, considering exit strategies, how to design environments and performance scores that might support shifts in perspective and allow access to different ways of thinking-doing-being-seeing-feeling? How to mobilise and re-think words that have become so loaded with histories that they cannot hold what they should but are still projected onto, and carried by, our bodies? How to carry all the conflicts and contradictions and shed the compromises?

*Jamila will also be leading morning class for dancers and movers and those interested in dance practices.


Thursday 15 & Friday 16 March: Jamila Johnson-Small

These events are open to all, to reserve your place email

Suggested donation £5 (no one will be excluded for lack of funds)

Three Doors Up is part of Arcade Cardiff, find it in Queens Arcade (down the escalators by New Look).

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