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Supervision of Children Policy

Supervision of Children Policy

Chapter is a popular and busy arts centre which welcomes a wide range of individuals through its doors seven days a week. On any given day, we can be host to over thirty different events taking place across the building and attracting over 1500 people through the doors. It is an exciting and busy venue and one which we’re proud to say genuinely welcomes everyone.

The purpose of this policy is to offer guidance to customers about the appropriate supervision of children on the Chapter premises.

A copy of this policy is available on request at Box Office.

Customers are asked to familiarise themselves with the policy and ensure they follow the guidance as required.


Security & Safety
One of the most important factors in ensuring the safety of children on the Chapter premises is the security of the building. While Chapter is rightfully acknowledged as a ‘safe space’ through its provision of trained staff and CCTV, it should be acknowledged that it is still a public space with a large number of people visiting on a daily basis.

In addition, Chapter has a number of public access points into and out of the building. All are unlocked during business hours (8.30am to 11pm) and all lead onto busy areas such as streets or car parks. While all entrances and all public spaces within the building are monitored by CCTV, this is only for the purposes of providing evidence. Although recording 24/7, cameras are not monitored continually and should not be relied on as a preventative measure.

Inside the building, and specifically in the café bar area, all children must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times and wherever possible, seated at a table. With hot food and drinks being served and a busy level of footfall we must ensure the safety of all customers and our staff. Children under 12 are welcome in the café bar up until 9pm each day, at which point, if you haven’t already left, you will be asked to by the Duty Manager. Those aged 12 and over are welcome to stay longer, but they must be seated at tables and still under constant supervision.

We provide free colouring sheets and crayons and board games in return for a small deposit. Please ask for these at Box Office.

When outside the building but still on the Chapter premises, all children must continue to be fully supervised by an appropriate adult. The front of Chapter makes for an attractive play area. However, it should be remembered that it borders a busy road and noisy play may interrupt film screenings or performances taking place in one of the nearby spaces. Please note that due to our licencing arrangement with the Council, it is also not possible to take food or drink out onto the front.

Chapter Duty Managers and other Chapter staff are not responsible for supervising your children, this responsibility remains, at all times, with the parent or guardian.

If Duty Managers believe there to be a risk to safety, if noise levels are causing a disruption to any of our other activities or any of the above requests are not followed, you will be asked to leave the area.


Chapter Staff & Instruction

Please do not be offended if our Duty Managers approach you concerning the behaviour of your children. They are tasked with ensuring a safe and enjoyable atmosphere and are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of everyone while on the premises. If they feel it is needed, they will approach you and discreetly discuss the matter. Any and all requests by the Duty Manager must be adhered to and, if requests are repeatedly ignored or they feel the situation has not improved, you may be asked to leave the premises.

The decision of our Duty Managers is final and they are acting under the full authority of the Chapter Board, Senior Management Team and the delegated licence holder.

Rude or unacceptable behaviour, either verbal or physical, will not be tolerated.

Comments or feedback in relation to this policy can be directed to the Head of Visitor Services, Chapter, Market Road, Cardiff, CF5 1QE.