Venue: Lightbox
Dates: Wednesday 9 October - Monday 30 June


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Andy Fung: Tech Waves


Andy Fung has a unique pictorial style in which the principles of surrealism are injected with a healthy dose of pop culture. Liberated and playful, his intriguing graphic utopias appear on canvases but are also often given to popping up unexpectedly as paintings directly on the wall. Like graffiti they resist commodification and last only until painted over.

The sphere from which the imagery is drawn is harder to identify. Real graffiti itself, science fiction illustration, fantasy art, cartoons, graphic design associated with music and club culture, as well as the genuinely organic in the natural world, are all filtered through the artist's unconscious. His work at times feels intensely futuristic, a kind of art that might be imagined for an intelligent, sci-fi film, set in a future where the connection with the past has been ruptured or is only dimly remembered.

For Chapter, Andy has created a site-specific work - a mass of meticulously rendered shapes and forms that emerge like psychedelic waves from a black hole. The work will be in–situ on the lightbox until 31 March 2014.


Andy completed a BA at Falmouth School of Art and Design and an MA at UWIC, Cardiff where he now lives and works.

Recent projects include 'Piano Customisation', Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield, 'Chasing the Line', Mello Mello, Liverpool (both 2013); 'Welsh Artist of the Year', St Davids Hall, Cardiff (2012) and a site-specific commission at the Boiler House, Cardiff (2011). He has a solo exhibition at UNI.ART Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden in November 2013 and is working with DEBUT Contemporary, London, UK.

Alongside his art practice Andy is a member of No Thee No Ess whose album ‘Spring Dawn Glow’ was released this year, and his solo project Cymbient’s third album ‘I Saw Energy’ (Folkwit Records) was released in March 2013

More information about Andy's work is available at 

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