Anim18: BAME British Shorts +discussion

Sunday 7 October


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Anim18: BAME British Shorts +discussion

Join us for this specially curated programme of shorts that celebrating the work of BAME Welsh animators; and a selection of four shorts curated by Karen Alexander called Philomena’s Chorus, four shorts that use the Greek myth of Philomela as a point of departure this ambitious collection of short films will give voice to female encounters and experiences often ignored or unseen.  


Dee’s Dish of the Day 

Dir: Kyle Legall, 3mins 

Presenting the culture of Tiger Bay as a short biography and cooking lesson from local chef, Dee. 

Mary Seacole 

Dir: Kyle Legall, 3mins 

The famous Jamaican nurse who tended to British soldiers in the Crimean War is the star if this film. Mary Seacole became a friend to the Queen, and more recently a statue was erected in her honour opposite the Houses of Parliament. 

Stonehouse Reunion 

Dir: Tony Johnson, 15mins 

Telling the story of Sugar Ray Robinson's brave escape from Stonehouse prison. Tony Johnson has gone down in animation history for being the only person of colour to release a feature-length animated film in the UK. 

Canned Heat 

Dir: David Sethi, 5mins 

A humorous exploration of prejudice and intolerance, featuring animated cans of soup which prove that despite our differences, we all end up in society's melting pot. 

Philomela’s Chorus 

Formed to address the virtual absence of a broad diversity of black female and female identified voices in the arena of artists’ moving image, and mindful of writer Claudia Rankine’s assertion that in contemporary culture, the ‘invisibility of black women is astounding’, it brings together the work of four emerging black female artists from literature, visual arts and the moving image, and offers an opportunity to see a new and exciting range of styles and approaches – from the polyphonic to the deeply personal. Using video art, performance and experimental narratives to explore ideas of the hidden or censored voice, each artist reminds us of the power of communication through the contribution of their own free-form interpretation of the Philomela myth. These works are a combination of personal experience and collective memory infused with a deep sense of urgency. Philomela’s Chorus is not just an exercise in image making; it is a unique and challenging programme, which attempts to create a shared visual vocabulary. These four artworks take us on sharp and thought-provoking journeys via biography, historical memory, cultural archives and sound to tell familiar yet unsettling stories. 

Something Said 

Dir: Jay Bernard, 8mins 

In 1981 the New Cross Fire tragically claimed the lives of 13 young black people and was met with state, media and police indifference. Haunted by that history, and in the context of the recent rise of the far-right, Something Said resurrects the spirit of Yvonne Ruddock, whose 16th birthday was being celebrated the night of the fire. 


Dir: Beverley Bennett, 12mins 

A tapestry of voices reveal the multi-faceted complexities and experiences of what it is to be a black woman today. 

The Words I Do Not Have Yet 

Dir: Phoebe Boswell, 11mins 

A salute to women in history who have used their bodies in protest when they haven't been permitted to use their voices, this film reflects upon the collective strength and subversive potential of women standing together and using their voices in collaboration. 

Mel’s Lament  

Dir: Nicola Thomas, 8mins 

Drawing on the ancient Greek story of Philomela and Tereus, Mel’s Lament imagines a present-day version of the couple and the complexity of their relationship. 


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Led by Film Hub Wales and Chapter (Cardiff) working with the BFI Film Audience Network and project partners, with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery


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