Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (15)

Friday 29 March - Friday 5 April

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Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (15)

CYM | 2018 | 100’ | Steve Sullivan

Chris Sievey was a songwriter, artist, comedian and wayward genius. In 1984, after more than a decade of trying and failing to make it in the record business, he turned his life into a fantastic, subversive piece of performance art: his fake-headed pop-star alter ego Frank Sidebottom. This manic star obscured his own creator and gained a dedicated army of fans. Though the manic character was a success, it eclipsed Sievey’s own ambitions and gained a dedicated army of fans around the world who were never aware of the real person behind the mask. Working with Chris Sievey’s archive of cassettes, videotapes and collages and interviews with some of his close friends and showbiz buddies, this is a joyous celebration of creativity.

+ Q&A with director Steve Sullivan 29.03





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