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Call out for volunteer participants

BELIEF SYSTEM is an immersive installation made from hundreds of voice recordings of people’s beliefs, collected from residents across Cardiff. The project, created by Australia’s Ranters Theatre, will be presented here at Chapter in summer 2023.


What we are looking for

We are looking for volunteer participants for our new art project to record the beliefs and send them in to be part of the project. We are looking for people of all ages, backgrounds, identities, abilities, and cultures.


All beliefs are treated anonymously, equally and without judgement.

With beliefs ranging from the profound to the trivial, the spiritual and philosophical to the deeply personal, the work speaks to the moment like a time capsule, with each belief touching upon a history, a narrative, a feeling, and acting as a commentary on the everyday.



You can take part in this exciting project by downloading the BELIEF SYSTEM GUIDANCE and submitting audio files of your own beliefs to submissions@chapter.org.

Please read the attached guidelines here before submitting your files.

For more information or questions please email kit.edwards@chapter.org