Venue: Gallery
Dates: Thursday 9 May - Thursday 16 May


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Captioned Screenings: Freya Dooley


Both films in Freya Dooley's exhibition, The song settles inside of the body it borrows, will be screened with captions on the following days;

  • Tuesday 30 April, 12 - 6pm
  • Thursday 9 May, 6 - 8pm
  • Friday 10 May, 6 - 8pm
  • Thursday 16 May, 12 - 8pm

Captioning is provided for those with a hearing impairment and is similar to subtitling, where the dialogue is written in text at the bottom of the screen. They describe when something is sung, rather than spoken; when significant music is happening (often with lyrics provided); and significant sound effects (such as a phone ringing).


About the Exhibition

Freya Dooley: The song settles inside of the body it borrows

Freya Dooley’s work combines literary and pop cultural references to create unstable semi-fictions and dense soundtracks. Often referring or returning to anxious states, her work attempts to articulate an inside turned out.

The Host (2019), is a new multi-screen audio-visual work that takes Mark Twain’s 1876 short story ‘A Literary Nightmare’, as it’s departure point, in which the protagonist is tormented by an earworm jingle and only finds relief by passing this affliction on to an unwitting audience. Elaborating on the real and imagined experiences of a reluctant host to dream-like states, stubborn parasites and repeated riffs, Dooley explores the effects of listening on our emotional and physical states.

The exhibition also features the recent work Speakable Things (2018) that connects Greek mythology, pop music, opera, television and ‘guilty pleasure’ in a fragmented visual essay.

Meandering between lip-syncs and landscapes, song and speech, melody and cacophony, the film's lyrical narratives explore the loss, leakage and leverage of the voice.

The song settles inside of the body it borrows deviates from existing literary narratives to explore the potential and limitations of the voice, consumed bodies and occupied minds.

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