Venue: The Common Room
Dates: Thursday 3 April



You can enjoy the content we have for this event but you can no longer book online for this event.

Come Along Do: Under the Skin

The Common Room

Join us after the screening of Under the Skin on Thu 3 April  for Come Along Do, an informal and lively platform for discussion around art and film, led by Gill Nicol. Whether you have something burning to say or would simply like to listen and ponder over the film, just come along - everyone is welcome.

After landing on Earth and slipping into the skin of a human woman, Scarlett Johansson’s space creature drives around Scotland seducing young men before one of them gives her pause to look at other aspects of human nature. An abstract, fascinating deconstruction of sexual power with a hypnotic musical score, this is a mesmerizing cinematic experience. Under the Skin is director Jonathan Glazier’s third feature film since his award-winning debut Sexy Beast and 2004’s critically acclaimed Birth.

£2.50 Click here to book (Tickets for the film screening must be purchased seperately)



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