Rydym yn defnyddio cwcis ar y wefan hon i wella sut mae'n gweithio a sut mae'n cael ei ddefnyddio.      Rheoli   |   Polisi preifatrwydd

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Bwyta Yfed 2


(V) Vegetarian   (Ve) Vegan   (GF) Gluten Free   (DF) Dairy Free   (N) Contains Nuts



Monday — Saturday 11.30am–4pm

Everyday favourites £4.50
Hummus & red pepper (Ve) / Vegan sausage (Ve) / Cheddar cheese (V) / Ham (DF) / Egg mayo & cress (V) / B.L.T (DF) / Tuna mayo, cucumber & pesto (N)
Gluten free bread available

Something different £5.50
Vietnamese banh mi (Ve) (N) / Brie, bacon & cranberry (GF) / Chicken & sweetcorn mayo / Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chive/ Falafel & garlic mayo (Ve)
White or brown bloomer, baguette or soft spinach wrap, side salad & salted crisps.
Gluten free bread available

Grilled £8

Welsh Croque Madame (V)
Three cheeses & leeks, topped with Welsh rarebit & a fried egg

The Capresé (V) (N)
Fresh sliced beef tomato, buffalo mozzarella & pesto

The New Yorker 
Pastrami, yellow mustard, cheese & pickles

Philly cheese steak 
Sliced steak with caramelized onions & American style cheese sauce

Side salad & fries


Monday — Saturday 11.30am–4pm

One filling £5.50 / Two fillings £6
Choose from the following options:
Hummus & red pepper (Ve) / Cheddar cheese (V) / Tuna mayo / Heinz beans (Ve) / Vietnamese slaw (Ve) (N) / Chicken & sweetcorn mayo / Homemade coleslaw (V)
Side salad



Monday — Saturday 11.30am–9.00pm

Fish finger sandwich £10
Homemade tartare sauce & fries

Goats cheese salad (V) (N) £7
Grilled goats cheese, honey & walnuts, mixed leaves, tomatoes, red onion & grated roots

Chapter’s salad bar from £5.50
Seasonal, homemade salads, see salad bar for today’s selection


Monday — Saturday 11.30am–9pm

Nachos (GF) £6
Tortilla chips, tomato salsa, jalapeños, cheese & sour cream

Sweet potato fries (V) (GF) £4
with garlic mayo / with hummus

Hummus and flatbread (Ve) £3.50

Halloumi fries (V) (GF) £6
Deep fried halloumi, tahini & garlic yoghurt, balsamic drizzle, fresh pomegranate & mint

Fries (Ve) (GF) / Fresh garden salad (Ve) (GF) / Homemade onion rings (Ve) / Marinated olives (Ve) (GF) £2.50 each



Monday — Friday 5pm–9pm

Saturday 12pm–9pm

American style beef burger £13.50
6oz beef patty, burger sauce, American style cheese, streaky bacon, onion rings

Nashville hot chicken burger £13.50
Buttermilk fried chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese drizzle & pickles

Spiced sweet potato burger (V) (Ve) £9.50
Cajun spiced sweet potato & 3 bean patty, vegan bun available

Classic 6oz beef burger £10.50
Hand-pressed beef patty with burger sauce
Gluten free bun available

Classic chicken burger £10.50
Butterflied chicken breast, grilled, with garlic mayo
Gluten free bun available

All with crisp lettuce, beef tomato & dill pickle served in a brioche bun, homemade slaw & skin on fries

Upgrade to sweet potato fries for £1.50

Additional toppings available £1 each
Bacon / Cheddar / Halloumi / Jalapenos / Blue cheese / Caramelised onions / Feta





Monday — Saturday 5pm–9pm

Middle Eastern skewers:
Lamb kofta (N) or halloumi (V) (N) £11 
Two skewers, khobez flatbread, shirazi salad, tahini & garlic sauce, Middle Eastern hot sauce, pistachio dukkah

Mushroom ravioli (V) £11.50
Mushroom ravioli, cream sauce, truffle oil, parmesan & rocket salad

Cajun fish fry £12.50
Deep fried, battered white fish, Cajun spices, chilli & mint peas, Cajun buttered corn & skin on fries

Roast pumpkin (Ve) (GF) £9
Spiced & roasted pumpkin, braised lentils, tahini & garlic sauce, pomegranate & mint



Monday — Saturday 11.30am–8pm

Homemade chicken nuggets / Fish finger sandwich / Pork & leek sausage (DF) / Veggie sausage (Ve) (GF) £5.50
Fries or salad & beans or peas

Upgrade to sweet potato fries £1

Tomato and basil penne (Ve) £4
add beef meatballs £1.50
Gluten free pasta available

Cheese on toast (V) £4
with side salad garnish
Gluten free bread available





Sundays 12pm–4pm £9.95 (children £5.50)

Ask staff and see specials board for this week’s choice of roasts. Homemade Yorkshires, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, seasonal vegetables, homemade gravy. Vegan and Gluten free alternatives available

Bwyta Yfed 2