IFFC: Maria per Roma (12A) + Nausicaa + Q&A

dydd Sul 26 Tachwedd


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

IFFC: Maria per Roma (12A) + Nausicaa + Q&A

Yr Eidal/2016/93mun/subs/Premiere DG Cyf. Karen di Porto. Gyda: Karen di Porto, Andrea Planamente.

Golwg lawn hiwmor ar dwristiaeth yn Rhufain, lle mae’r actores Maria yn cael bod creadigrwydd yn amharu ar ei swydd bob dydd. +Sesiwn holi ac ateb gyda'r cyfarwyddwr Karen di Porto.


Nausicaa - The Other Odyssey

Yr Eidal/2017/20mun/12+/subs/Premiere DG

Cyf. Bepi Vigna. Animation

Nausicaa, a young princess eager to know the world, meets Odysseus and is fascinated by his tales. After seducing her, the man leaves without an explanation. Nausicaa decides to look for him by retracing the places of his peregrination and discovers the often-petty truths hidden in his incredible stories. 

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