Nahum: All That Evermore Can Hold

dydd Mercher 11 Ebrill


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Nahum: All That Evermore Can Hold

We have an endless journey ahead of us and I want you to have plenty of trust in this ride. Close your eyes and let’s begin.

This show explores our intimate experience of time: an elusive ingredient of the universe that is deeply rooted in our very own existence. We see it flowing while we attempt to measure it. We cannot see it and we cannot touch it. Yet, we use our senses and emotions to sense it.

How can we have a radical new perspective of time? How can we transgress its beating? Perhaps submerging deep inside our minds and taking our senses to their boundaries.

Can we do this?

Please note: This performance requires active participation of the audience. 

Age 18+

Pay what you decide. How it works:

Reserve your tickets online, over the phone (029 2030 4400) or in person and collect them from the box office as usual. Any uncollected tickets will be released 30 mins before the start of the performance. Following the performance, there will be a collection bucket on your way out of the theatre where you can make your donation. 

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