Chapter Podcast September 2013 - Culture Colony

Posted on: 27 Sep 2013

This months’ Chapter podcast is an interview with Emma Geliot and Ric Bower of Culture Colony Quarterly, conducted as they set about constructing the launch issue for the end of September:

“Culture Colony Quarterly magazine (CCQ) offers an independent perspective on the arts across a wide range of disciplines, genres and practices in Wales.

Lively, engaged and conversational, CCQ scans above and below the radar to capture the spirit of the Welsh arts scene – from the big companies to smaller, artist-led projects and individual creative practitioners.

With high production values and a growing list of exciting contributors from across Wales and beyond, the focus is on Welsh arts and their many contexts, including international practice and projects.

The focus is on contemporary practice, or contemporary re-workings of classic or traditional works across genres.

The magazine is developing new strategies for criticism, as well as supporting emerging critical voices to help develop careers in Wales.

The art forms that the magazine will cover include: Applied Arts; Public art; Visual Arts; Dance; Theatre/Performance;  Music; Festivals; Artist-led activity; Community Arts/Socially Engaged Practice; Independent Film.”Blue Flash, Power Box and Mesh Chips

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