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Lleisiau Chapter: Lindsay Hodges Wedi ei bostio ar 15 Mai 2020

We're so proud of Chapter's Creative Community - from our staff and volunteers to our studio holders, tenants and community gardeners - they make us who we are! We’ve really been missing everyone, so we’ve asked them to let us know what they’ve been doing, making, watching and thinking about.

Lindsay Hodges, who is one of our Front of House Managers and a member of the café bar team, gives us a little insight into what she's been up to whilst in lockdown: 

"When Chapter had to close because of the Covid-19 outbreak - it was an opportunity for me to home-school my kids, and have a break from the day-to-day hub bub of Chapter - I must say I have been missing it more than I thought! Chapter is a great place for me - for work and also to spend time with my family. Both of my kids have spent many an afternoon there watching a movie, or just simply relaxing with a game of Uno, a drink and a cookie! 

During our home-schooling time we decided to put together some colouring pages - for adults and kids to use, as well as to raise some money to help Save Chapter and ensure we can reopen again when the lockdown is lifted…. We managed to persuade cafe and bar staff to contribute, as well as some fantastic local artists. Most exciting of all, our current Art in the Bar exhibitor Francisco Rodriguez, has sent us an original drawing you can find in the ‘Artists and Designers’ colouring pack!

To donate to our colouring pages and receive your pack you can find us here: www.gofundme.com/f/colouring-vs-covid"