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Robert Bowman on Say When rehearsals Wedi ei bostio ar 13 Medi 2019

Robert Bowman on Say When rehearsals

What will it take award-winning actor, director and sometime wrestler Robert Bowman to look his belly in the mirror, face facts and say ‘when?’. This new production is a darkly funny look at weight loss, the diet and food industries, wrestling, the environment and Robbie’s relationship with his Dad. Robbie shares his thoughts with us during rehearsals:

"Food for thought...

Working on this play has been quite an adventure and I've been finding out all sorts of things along the way - yes, diets, nutrition, etc but also the mind, the psychology of someone who is obese. (It's taken me twice to actually write the word Obese - I still want to avoid acknowledging that fully)

I've always been interested in psychology and once, many moons ago, I read some work by Eric Berne (Transactional Analysis) and he developed some analysis on three ego states - Child, Adult and Parent. A variation of Freud's Id, Ego and Super Ego. The adult, for Berne being the most balanced of the three. 

As I cycled into rehearsals this morning, I realised how much this played a part in my current predicament. My parent and adult do try to come in and help the child make some wiser food choices. But the child, certainly in the past, has won out. This morning, for some reason, I can feel the Adult holding greater sway...I'll be curious to see how long that lasts...is it real change or just a 'flash in the pan'? 

Perhaps this could be a new diet...the Adult way of losing weight...The Taking Responsibility Diet. 
I also discovered on my bike ride in, from the adult's POV, the word responsibility doesn't carry so much weight. It feels much lighter."   

Robert Bowman (Co-Director at Living Pictures and Actor in Say When)

You can see Robbie's solo performance in Say When at Chapter from 18-21 September.