Lleoliad: Stiwdio Seligman
Dyddiad: dydd Llun 24 June - dydd Sul 30 June

Open studio event: Saturday 29 June, 4-8pm




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Stiwdio Seligman

"Mark Houghton is interested in everything. Not literally, but in a material and historic sense. Through his sculptures and installations he picks up the 'stuff' around us, the normal, the insignificant, the overlooked, and hands it back to us in some form that feels familiar and intriguing but, somehow, different. There is a relaxed formality to the work, immediately revealing a human intervention, but causing us to question whether this is simply the current point at which this transformation has arrived or if this is now a new permanent state."

S Mark Gubb

As part of a new programme of residencies that offer Wales-based artists a studio and curatorial dialogue for one week, INTERFERENCE kicks off in June with Mark Houghton.

Mark works with the poetics of space and the tension between found objects placed within the context of his defined boundary. He is a conductor, orchestrating objects so that they become redefined in his hands – delivering bold graphic statements from materials usually unseen and unvalued. Colour has a dynamic potency in his installations, married with form, texture and scale – the juxtaposition of the elements has a geometric harmony that resonates in its mathematical equation.

The Stiwdio will be open to the public on Saturday 29 June between 4 and 8pm. For a chance to see Mark's work in progress please come along. Admission is free.

Click here to read Gordon Dalton's commissioned text on Mark Houghton's work

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