Out of the Blue: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on: 25 Feb 2015 by Theatr Iolo

In April, Theatr Iolo and Sarah Argent bring Out of the Blue, their popular theatre show for babies, back to Chapter. Here's some information on what you can expect from the experience.

How long is the show?

The performance lasts between 20 and 25 minutes - depending on how much the babies laugh! - But there’s then an opportunity at the end for the babies (and you) to stay and play for another 10-15 minutes.

Where do we sit?

You and your baby can sit on the floor on a cosy collection of duvets and cushions, or there are some chairs at the back for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor. 

Does my baby need to be quiet?

No! We’re really keen to encourage the babies to respond however they like - gurgling, laughing, commenting (if they’ve started talking!), or hiccupping!

“It was such a joy to hear the babies giggle!”

“My daughter was completely transfixed, watched every moment & squealed with delight at the paper ripping scene!”

“Wonderful, thank you! My 8 month old was in peals of laughter. He loved it!”

“Brilliant! My 18-month old giggled so much he got hiccups!”

If your baby does get unsettled by this new experience (even though it’s been designed to be a relaxing introduction to theatre), we often find that you simply standing up and moving slightly further away relaxes them enough for them to stay watching the performance. Obviously, if your baby gets really upset, then it’s a good idea to take them outside but you’re very welcome to come back in as soon as they’ve had a feed or a cwtch and calmed down.

Can I breast-feed during the show?

Absolutely! The babies’ comfort is most important to us.

Do babies of this age really concentrate on the performance?

We’ll let some of last years’ parents comment on this -

“Wonderful show, totally captivating. I was amazed that my daughter sat through the whole show - she obviously thoroughly enjoyed.”

“My daughter loved it. Couldn’t take her eyes off the stage. She has never sat so still in all her 18 months.”

“Fabulous concept. Amazing to see the little ones follow the story and be so engaged.”

“My 9 month old little girl loved it, enraptured from start to finish.”

Is there somewhere to park my pram/buggy?

Inside Chapter Stiwdio, there is a special area where you can leave buggies, prams, bags, coats, boots and shoes. There will also be people to hold your bags or baby, if necessary, while you take off outer clothing.

Is there somewhere to change my baby?

There’s a changing table in the toilet in the Stiwdio, as well as baby-changing and bottle-warming facilities within the main Chapter building.

Will I enjoy it too?

We hope so!

“It looked so beautiful, simple and calming. The babies relaxed and their mums and dads enjoyed very minute. MORE PLEASE! Captivating.”

“Fantastic - so calming - a haven from the Christmas chaos.” 


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