Robert Andrews - Trustee

Robert Andrews is an editor and media strategy consultant who reports on, analyses and exploits innovation at the collision of technology and media. His writing and analysis help media, marketing and advertising industries understand technological change.

Robert was senior editor, international, for respected industry websites paidContent and Gigaom, building the former a reputation for incisive sector coverage and toward acquisition by Guardian News & Media. Previously, he contributed to publications including Wired, Econsultancy and, following a stint as a BBC News journalist, and continues to contribute to The Guardian.

Hailing from Llanelli, Robert helped the Llanelli Star become one of the first UK local newspapers on the internet.

Providing market analysis through companies like eMarketer, Ovum and Informa Telecoms & Media, Robert helps decision-makers contextualise trends occurring in their industries, including mobile, advertising and news publishing. He helps PricewaterhouseCoopers produce its Global Entertainment Media Outlook.

Robert helps leverage real-world events to create engaging content, by stimulating conversation that shines a light on topical developments. He has moderated panel discussions, and devised events for B2B publishers and for brands in several countries, including Monaco Media Forum, Changing Media Summit and World Editors' Forum. Additionally, he has hosted corporate stakeholder sessions for companies including Google and Microsoft.

As director of content for a technology PR firm, Robert helps clients devise communication strategies and exploit opportunities to become authoritative thought leaders, tapping industry trends to regularly appear in leading sector media.

According to The Independent, "With the media industry in strategic turmoil, Andrews' insights are seen by many key players as essential reading."

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