The Post (12A)

dydd Gwener 2 Chwefror - dydd Iau 15 Chwefror


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The Post (12A)

UDA/2017/116mun/12a Cyf: Steven Spielberg Gyda: Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Alison Brie, Matthew Rhys

Hanes gwir a chyffrous Papurau’r Pentagon – sgandal a ddatgelodd gyfrinachau’r llywodraeth ac a newidiodd gwrs y byd.

"Nothing is more promisingly solid, to the moviegoer, than a major Spielberg production. You can foretell everything from the calibration of the craftsmanship to the heft of the cast, and “The Post” inarguably delivers…despite this authentic re- creation of the past, “The Post” is not a period movie. Instead, it is squarely addressed to the present day, striving for the urgency of a headline. The film is here to warn us of fresh threats to press freedom; to confirm that the battle between real news and fake news is not without precedent. "
The New Yorker

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