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Animation Workshop

Llun 25 Chwef

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Animation Workshop | Gweithdy Animeiddio

Llun 25 Chwef

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Freya Dooley: The song settles inside of the body it borrows

Gwe 29 Maw - Sul 28 Ebr

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Paul Eastwood: In Conversation

Sad 16 Chwef

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Paul Eastwood Perfformiad: Dyfodiaith – Canu i ddyfodol dieithr

Gwe 01 Maw

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Paul Eastwood: Dyfodiaith

Sad 09 Chwef - Sul 10 Maw

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#SaveOurSculpture - Garth Evans

Gwe 28 Rhag - Llun 14 Ion

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Wild Philosophy - DIY15 - Joanne Matthews

Posted on: 26 Nov 2018

“First I’d like to say that this weekend is an invitation, its an invitation to take part in experiments and approaches… This weekend is inspired by a need to build resilience and power to move how I want to in the world and I’d like to explore this with you all.” Extracts from JoJo Matthews’ introduction to the DIY

Cornelia Baltes Kids Workshop

Maw 26 Chwef

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Holly Davey - Creative Wales Open Studio

Gwe 26 Hyd

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