Robinson: The Other Island

dydd Iau 9 Mai - dydd Sadwrn 18 Mai


Directed by Mathilde López


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Robinson: The Other Island

Castaway in a digital age: Give it a Name reimagine Robinson Crusoe in the novel’s tricentennial year as a hypnotic evocation of solitude, delving deep into the fantasy of the island, the violence of colonisation and the act of reading.


A young woman, Bianca, shipwrecked by the modern world, dulls her loneliness by escaping into the pages of a 300 year-old book: exchanging her ready meals, her empty flat and an ocean filled with plastic for the Island of Speranza, where Robinson, alone and lost in the glittering pristine Pacific, tries to stay sane. Eventually, through the act of reading, she enters the island and the mind of Robinson and, as readers do, becomes him.


“Every production begins with a seed: a recording, a book, a story, a person, a provocation, an image, a play. Our Robinson is an exploration of solitude and the act of reading. Robinson Crusoe was alone on an island for 27 years. Solitude is a growing problem in contemporary society and reading is a solitary act. Exploring the original text through the lens of Bianca, a female black character, allows us to shine a light on the ugly, violent patriarchal colonisation that the novel accepts as mundane.” 

John Norton, Artistic Director of Give It A Name


Robinson: The Other Island is part stage show, part radio play, part ASMR experience. Audience members wear headphones throughout the performance in order to experience the production’s innovative binaural sound: performers use microphones within their ears, allowing audiences to literally get inside their heads, giving a more exciting and immersive listening experience than in a traditional theatre environment.

Sound: Jack Drewry and John Norton. Design: Ben Pacey. Lighting: Angharad Evans. Supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery. Development support from Chapter, Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Wales Millennium Centre

Audio Described Performances: 9, 16, 17, 18 May, evening only

"Give It A Name's desire for innovation takes the production far beyond a simple stage play"
Western Mail
"There is a lot to enjoy in this generous, sensuous and technically brilliant production, part audiobook, part soundscape and part sensory experience"
Wales Arts Review
" A bold and often startling re-imagining of Robinson Crusoe ... The Other Island is inventive and surprising"
Buzz Magazine

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