Theatre Replacement: Town Criers

dydd Sadwrn 14 Ebrill - dydd Sul 15 Ebrill


Theatre Replacement: Town Criers

In a fixed location, writers type out observations of the world unfolding around them. In Cardiff’s Grange Gardens, a town crier receives these observations, live, via a tablet — a modern day version of the trusty scroll. 

The criers ring their bells and declare these observations to the public. Drawing upon patterns of relaying information that mirror Twitter or Facebook, Town Criers treats everyday considerations as the news. Intimate and minute details are transmitted through the ether and then filtered through the live body in an oratorical sculpture.

This is an unticketed performance taking place in Cardiff's Grange Gardens

Exact performance times to be confirmed soon 


  • Sad 14 Ebr 1:00pm
  • Sul 15 Ebr 1:00pm

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