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CAF: Cape Town International Animation Festival: South African Student Shorts (adv12+)

CAF: Cape Town International Animation Festival: South African Student Shorts (adv12+)

Iau 7 - Gwen 8 Ebr 2022

60' | Adv12+ | F-Rated

A big CAF welcome back to Cape Town International Animation Festival, who we’ve been collaborating with since 2020. This year CTIAF proudly presents a retrospective of the best short films from their Student Awards from the last 5 years. Expect unique art, heartwarming stories, experimental animation and a variety of disciplines in this collection of great South African Animation from young creators.



  • Jac & Chonk - Dir. Winona Swanepoel | Stellenbosch Academy | 3mins
  • The Other Side - Dir. Emily Davie, Kelly Mitchell | The Animation School | 5mins
  • The Sugarcane Man - Dir. Leroy LeRoux, Tina Obo | The Animation School | 5mins
  • The Boy and Robin - Dir. Tamika Bramwell, Hannah O’Brien | The Animation School | 4mins
  • Undone - Dir. Saira George, Sara Laubscher | The Animation School | 4mins
  • Rocket Boys - Dir. Karien Benz | The Animation School | 5mins
  • Mite-y Beard - Dir. Sarah-Leigh Burger | The Animation School | 4mins
  • The Knight Shift - Dir. Lateesha Gillespie | CFAD | 4mins
  • Sockworld - Dir. Melissa Kahn | The Animation School | 5mins
  • Decaf - Dir. Christopher Masuabi | The Animation School | 4mins
  • Hewn - Dir. Kelly McCarter | The Animation School | 5mins


£6 / £4 

Included in festival pass (all passholders must book tickets to their chosen events)

Unallocated seating - sold at full capacity

COVID safety: We have a number of measures in place to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and as safe as possible. Find out more here.

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