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Black3lvis EP Launch + Support

Black3lvis EP Launch + Support

Llun 1 Ion 0001 - Sad 28 Medi 2019
Seligman Theater

Although Black3lvis are a brand new act the members are no strangers to the Cardiff music scene, having played in bands such as We Are the Afterglow. Front man Levi has also been writing and performing as a solo act for several years. The band has a rock-solid rhythm section with Andy Gregory and Chris Collins, and lead guitarist Ruben Kingman is an old school guitar hero in the making.

The music is a fusion of Chilli Peppers-style funk and rock, blended with reggae rhythms and R&B. Front man Levi has a relaxed confidence and voice that can shift effortlessly from sweet and soulful to a full-on Prince rock vocal work out. 


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