Rydym yn defnyddio cwcis ar y wefan hon i wella sut mae'n gweithio a sut mae'n cael ei ddefnyddio.      Rheoli   |   Polisi preifatrwydd

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Mae gan Chapter fynediad gwastad i'r adeilad drwy ddrysau awtomatig, a mynediad lifft i'r llawr cyntaf.

Mae ganddon ni ddwy sinema ar y llawr gwaelod ar ochr dde’r adeilad wrth i chi ddod i mewn drwy’r drysau blaen. Mae lle i gadeiriau olwyn yn y ddwy sinema, yng nghefn Sinema 1 gyda lifft grisiau, ac ym mlaen Sinema 2 gyda mynediad gwastad. 

Mae mynediad gwastad drwy’r Oriel ynghyd â drysau awtomatig, ac mae ein harddangosfeydd yn cael eu cynllunio i fod yn hollol hygyrch i gadeiriau olwyn.

Mae modd cael mynediad at ein gofod Theatr ar y llawr cyntaf gyda lifft, ac mae drysau awtomatig a mynediad gwastad o’r lifft i mewn i’r awditoriwm.

Mae cyfleusterau tŷ bach ar y llawr gwaelod a’r llawr cyntaf, gan gynnwys tai bach pob rhywedd yn agos at y Caffi Bar. Mae tai bach ar gyfer ein cwsmeriaid anabl ar y llawr gwaelod a’r llawr cyntaf. Mae ganddon ni doiledau pob rhywedd a chyfleuster Changing Places (sy'n cynnig digon o ofod ac offer i bobl nad oes modd iddynt ddefnyddio'r tŷ bach yn annibynnol) ar y llawr gwaelod yn agos at y Caffi Bar.

Mae parcio am ddim y tu ôl i’r adeilad, gyda chwech lle parcio anabl pwrpasol, ac mae tri lle parcio mynediad anabl arall yn y maes pacio blaen. Os nad oes ganddoch chi Fathodyn Glas, peidiwch â defnyddio’r gofodau yma.

Mae llawer o staff Blaen y Tŷ a’r Caffi Bar wedi cael hyfforddiant i ddechreuwyr ar gyfer Iaith Arwyddion Prydain, ac maen nhw’n symud i lefel ganolradd ar hyn o bryd.


Dangosiadau Is-deitlau Meddal

Soft Subtitles are designed for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing and provide more information than English subtitles on a foreign language film. They describe when something is sung, rather than spoken; when significant music is happening (often with lyrics provided); and significant sound effects (such as a phone ringing). Soft Subtitles are written and produced on a separate disc that runs in sync with the film when projected in the cinema. Unfortunately, not all films are available with Soft Subtitling; this is dependent on the film distributors. We make every effort to screen a variety of Soft Subtitled films within our programme. Dylech wirio ffilmiau unigol o dan Digwyddiadau ac edrych am y symbol tri smotyn ST.


Dangosiadau â Disgrifiadau Sain

Audio Description is an additional audio track with narration describing events on screen, offered in both cinemas for visitors with a visual impairment. For more information please see the RNIB webpage here [insert link]. We also have an induction loop in Cinema 1. Please ask at our Information Desk if you require the Audio Description track. Films with an Audio Description facility are listed in the programme and online as AD. Dylech wirio ffilmiau unigol o dan Digwyddiadau ac edrych am y symbol tri smotyn AD.


Dangosiadau Amgylchedd Ymlaciol

These screenings are recommended for anyone who might benefit from the subtle alterations made to the auditorium environment. Films are screened with the lights raised slightly, the volume turned down, and with the trailers and adverts removed. Visitors are free to move around the cinema or make a noise as they feel comfortable. Chapter staff will be on hand to help if you need additional assistance. Regular ticket prices apply. Relaxed screenings are listed in the programme and online as R. Check individual films under What's On and look for the R symbol. 


Dangosiadau Rhieni a Babanod

Every Friday morning, Carry on Screaming allows parents or carers with a child under one to see a film at Chapter without having to worry about their baby causing a disturbance. Free entry for babies.

No baby. No entry.

Carry On Screaming screenings are for parents with babies under twelve months only, with adjustments to the cinema environment to make it as convenient and comfortable for both.

Parent & Baby screenings are listed in the programme and online as 'Baby'. Check individual films under What's On and look for the 'Baby' symbol. 


Dementia Friendly Screenings

Please note, our Dementia Friendly screenings are postponed for the time being. 

Chapter is working to make our programme and the building more accessible for people living with dementia. Our new dementia friendly screenings are a great opportunity for people living with dementia to enjoy a film in a relaxed friendly environment. The screenings themselves are shown without adverts or trailers and have slightly brighter lighting throughout the auditorium. Where possible we will screen the film with soft subtitles and audio description available. Following the films there is a chance to socialise with tea and coffee (included in the ticket price) in one of our hire rooms.The screenings are open to anyone living with dementia i.e. those diagnosed with and their family, friends, neighbours or carers. We also welcome charity workers, medical professionals, care home staff, social workers and support staff.Ticket price: £4.50 including a cup of tea or coffeeTickets for carers are free.To book a ticket please call our box office on 029 2030 4400 or book online. For more information please call the box office or email dementia@chapter.org. If you require a wheelchair space, please phone the box office on 02920304400 to book. There is a limited amount available - 3 wheelchair spaces in Cinema 1, and 4 wheelchair spaces in Cinema 2.


Cinemas Exhibition Association Card

We accept the Cinemas Exhibition Association Card - www.ceacard.co.uk - and offer a free ticket to your companion or carer for cinema screenings.



Art and culture is for everyone. But if you have an impairment or a specific access requirement, often enjoying a visit to a theatre or an arts centre can be more complicated than just booking tickets and choosing what to wear. Hynt is a national scheme that works with theatres and arts centres across Wales to make things clear and consistent. It’s also a resource for anyone who needs specific access information to plan a trip to the theatre. We are part of the Hynt scheme as we believe it offers our customers the very best practice in fair ticketing policy and accessibility.

Hynt is a Membership Card - Hynt cardholders are entitled to a ticket free of charge for a personal assistant or carer at all the theatres and arts centres participating in the scheme. Click here to find out whether you or the person you care for are eligible for a card or click here to apply. Hynt is a Resource - www.hynt.co.uk and www.hynt.cym provide a range of useful information and guidance on the scheme and how it works. It’s also a resource for anyone interested in information or news around access and the arts. The site features listings of all accessible performances as well as providing up to date venue information to help you plan your visit.

Gŵn Cymorth

Mae croeso i gŵn cymorth ar ein safle.  

 Os ydych chi’n ymweld â’n sinema neu’n theatr, gallwn drefnu seddi addas gyda lle i’ch ci gael aros gyda chi. Fel arall, fe’ch anogwn i ddod â rhywun gyda chi i ofalu am eich ci pan fyddwch chi yn y digwyddiad. Cynigir sedd am ddim i’ch cydymaith fel bod modd i chi ymlacio a mwynhau’r awyrgylch heb boeni am eich cyfaill blewog. 

Os ydych chi’n poeni am gynnwys a allai beri pryder i chi neu eich ci cymorth, edrychwch i weld a oes rhybuddion cynnwys ar ein gwefan, neu siaradwch ag aelod o Dîm Blaen y Tŷ i gael cyngor.