Dance Roads

Tuesday 7 June - Wednesday 8 June


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Dance Roads


Dance Roads is a European partnership programme supporting the development of innovative choreographers from Wales, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Romania. The touring programme of five short works promises a diverse evening of quality contemporary dance, ideal for the first time contemporary dance audiences and regular attenders.

Join the Dance Roads artists including Wales’s Gwyn Emberton for an after show talk on Wednesday 8 June and hear about their experiences of touring together to each of the partner countries.

Tickets: £12 / £10

The Programme:

Gwyn Emberton - Wales

‘Of the Earth, from where I came’ is inspired by Dylan Thomas’ poem Fern Hill. Taking the poem’s theme of time and reflection. The solo performed by Albert Garcia, presented as part of the curated programme at British Dance Edition 2016, is a short, tight exploration of how the body builds and grows but this in itself is what destroys it as time passes through it.

Claudia Catarzi - Italy

'Qui, ora'  has been presented at numerous European platforms and examines how the body reacts on stage co-created by space, costumes, sounds and the proximity of the audience. All of these aspects decide in the given moment – "here and now", "qui, ora" – about the form of gesture and rhythm, about each step and movement of this intimate journey.

Compagnie Adéquate - France

'Nœuds (Knots)' is a multi award winning comical and touching embroilment which looks at the perpetual research of the genders - sometimes complex, sometimes twisted. A man-woman duet materialises from an embrace and reveal themselves in a movement both fluid and violent, where humour and mime summon dance in an allegory of love with baroque accents and light or biting energy.

Jasper Van Luijk - The Netherlands

'Yonder' is a solo for dancer Jefta Tanate and a light-installation; a work on the inevitable relationship between man(kind) and time. Many people dream about traveling in time but isn’t our whole existence one long journey through time? Yonder is a search for the beginning and the end of time within the lifecycle of one man by award winning choreographer Jasper Van Luijk.

Cristina Lilienfeld - Romania

Lay(ers) is about vulnerability and the fight to get inside the emotional body, a continuous dialogue between sound, tactile sense and movement. The starting point for Lay(ers) was an image of the human skin and how it changes with time, how it peels off and always regenerates. Skin offers a very expressive view of life, movement, death and raises questions such as; what guards the skin, what hidden emotions or needs are transmitted through skin and what’s the memory of skin.

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