Everyman Theatre: Comic Potential

Tuesday 21 May - Saturday 25 May

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Everyman Theatre: Comic Potential

In a TV studio of the future, where soap opera actors have been replaced by android replicants, juvenile “actoid” JC-333 (Jacie) is about to awaken to a whole new world of romance, excitement... and slapstick comedy.  Idealistic but naïve young writer Adam Trainsmith is also about to have his world turned upside down, and so is everyone else in Jacie’s orbit, in this fantastic science fiction satire, from the ingenious mind of playwright Alan Ayckbourn. 

This is a play that combines many interesting elements – it’s a tender romance, a thriller, a nostalgic recollection of the silent comedians of yesteryear, and a biting satire of the current nature of television production. We are all now in an environment where the nature of artificial intelligence is under scrutiny, and where TV shows like 'Humans' and 'Blade Runner 2049' explore what it means to be human.  Except that in this instance, the comedy is very much front and centre – sort of like 'Westworld' really, but with custard pies…



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