Festival of Voice: Sex Ed Assembly

Saturday 16 June


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Festival of Voice: Sex Ed Assembly

We hear people talk about “normal sex”, but normativity is a myth. Some acts and feelings might be common (like rushing blood, heavy breathing, enlarged genitals and wetness) and some acts might be less common but “normal” simply doesn’t exist if we accept the beautiful, wide spectrum of human sex.

This assembly is an opportunity for you to talk about your wide spectrum, and the work you’re doing (or would like to do) in the world of sex education that we encounter every day in our families, onscreen, in the house of commons, in schools.

Sex education is lifelong and complicated. We’re moved by the tireless work of those sex workers, artists, activists, educators, parents that have come before us - we want to listen to you to figure out what we can do together. 

Bedfellows is a group of people making tools together to re-educate each other about sex. 

As artists and sexually autonomous creatures in the world, we want to create tools together to resist heterosexist, masculinist sex education. We want to use our artistic means to produce counter-narratives. 

The work is ongoing, but it's taken shape most recently as a DIY workshop; a queer pornography screening, a monthly research group for people interested in developing alternative sex ed models, consent workshops at schools, a radio interview, a club night, an open access research centre and a series of workshop/performance called SEX TALK MTG. 

Join us at Festival of Voice and let's talk about sex.

Tickets: £3 - limited places, pre-booking required


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