Go Faster Festival III: Ben Moor: Pronoun Trouble

Friday 23 February


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Go Faster Festival III: Ben Moor: Pronoun Trouble

Miscellaneous subjects that crossed my mind while listening to a lecture about Chuck Jones’s Hunting Trilogy (1950-52)

(which was nevertheless really good).

While watching a lecture about a series of Chuck Jones cartoons, the narrator’s mind drifts off in various directions.

He mulls over his friendship with the person he came with, the T-shirts he has at home, his favourite words, his favourite books, and the schism on London’s high streets between the denominations of launderettes and laundrettes. All the while, the lecturer is following her own sweet way, exploring new meanings in the cartoons and referring to obscure academics and offering a new way of looking at the world.

But does anything on this day make sense?

Is she who she says she is?

And aren’t all of us in some kind of pronoun trouble?

Pronoun Trouble is a multimedia performance, using Powerpoint and stand-up, melding a fact-adjacent lecture about the cartoons and more structured comedy and reflections on real world topics. 

Pay what you decide. How it works:

Reserve your tickets online, over the phone (029 2030 4400) or in person and collect them from the box office as usual. Any uncollected tickets will be released 30 mins before the start of the performance. Following the performance, there will be a collection bucket on your way out of the theatre where you can make your donation. 

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