Venue: Art in the Bar
Dates: Friday 11 October - Sunday 24 November


You can enjoy the content we have for this event but you can no longer book online for this event.

Ian Watson: Brain Blood Volume

Art in the Bar

Incredibly detailed and delightfully dark, Ian Watson’s drawings reveal strange gatherings of half-human, half-monster hybrids concealed in the shady undergrowth.

Watson's work is largely informed by a misspent youth hiding out with like-minded mutants in video rental shops and the woodlands of East Sussex, head buried in headphones, soaking up the occult messages from a collection of heavy metal cassettes.


Ian Watson was born in 1976 in Crawley and studied Fine Art at Howard Gardens, Cardiff. He now lives and works in Cardiff.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Like a Monkey With a Miniature Cymbal’ Aid & Abet, Cambridge, (2013); ‘Brzeska's Eagle’ G39, Cardiff, ‘Swan Lake’ Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, ‘First’, The Lucky Jotter Pop-up gallery, Leyland, (all 2012); ‘Totem Homecoming’ Zellig SPace, Birmingham, ‘Curio’ East Gallery, London, (both 2011).

More information about Ian’s work is available at 

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