Venue: Gallery
Dates: Friday 14 April


You can enjoy the content we have for this event but you can no longer book online for this event.


We have been approached by members of who have offered to give a talk at Chapter as part of our 'short circuits' season.One of the members, Minerva Cuevas from Mexico is only in the country for a few days so we've arranged a talk for this Friday....!!! Heath Bunting had also agreed to come originally but unfortunately has had to cancel at the last minute, another time perhaps...We hope you can make it at such short notice - but it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Chapter presents withRachel Baker and Minerva Cuevas


Here's some brief details on

IRATIONAL.ORG is an international system for deploying "irational" information, services and products for the displaced and roaming.IRATIONAL.ORG supports independent artists and organisations that need to maintain mission critical information systems. These 'Irationalists' create work that pushes the boundaries between the corporate realms of business, art and engineering.Core Irationalists number 5 at present and they are currently in the process of consolidating our system structure to become more effective and self-sustaining as a network. They are building a software intensive online toolkit that is fast, cheap and adaptable to users needs.

Projects American express mailing list Anti with e Applicate Art of work Art power database At-banff Biotech hobbyist magazine Cctv Cern Cultural terrorist agency Cyber patrol Daniel's homepage Database of free public network services Database of public media labs Digital chaos Diy guide Dot2dot Heath's homepage How to be a radio pirate Identity swap database Irational calendar Irational competitions Irational courier Irational cvs Irational disinformation Irational dysfunctionality questionnaire Irational publicity Irational.guest Jingles for the millenium London borough of cramley Loudmouths Loyalty Marcus's homepage Mejor vida corp Minerva's homepage Natural reality superweed consultants Personal data fairy Rachel's homepage Refresh Routeless 97 Technologies to the people Technologies to the people foundation The seven eleven mailing list The world service Tm Tm clubcard project Tm selector Video art on demand

visit for more details about them and the other members

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