Italian Film Festival Cardiff: Pagani (TBC)

Saturday 17 November


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Italian Film Festival Cardiff: Pagani (TBC)

Italy/2018/52mins/TBC Dir: Elise Flamina Inno


(Italy, 2016, 52’)

Cinematography: Elisa Flaminia Inno, Mattia Colombo

Editing: Enrica Gatto

Sound and audio mix: Marco Saitta

Produced by: Parallelo 41 Produzioni, Antonella Di Nocera, Elisa Flaminia Inno

With: Alfonso Del Forno Biagio De Prisco Ermanno Cutolo Bruno Buoninconti Maurizio Graziano and with Vincenzo Romano

In the deep south of Italy, ancient religious syncretism linked to Mother Earth survives. In Pagani, near Pompei, seven days after Easter, the Madonna delle Galline, a venerated Virgin with ancestral songs and dances, is celebrated. For thirty days the devotees move in unison to perpetuate the Tradition, an event in which everyone participates animated by a faith that becomes memory and transcendence. Fonzino is the chosen one who guides the people in the construction of the Tosello, a secret baroque temple, revealed to the community every year on the feast day. Biagino is the leader of a homosexual community of devotees, protagonist of the most orthodox liturgical events and bearer of remote customs related to the homosexual world, such as the Marriage of Zeza, the Death of Carnival and the Figliata dei Femminielli.

+ Q&A with director Elisa Flaminia Inno

Elisa Flaminia Inno directed the short documentaries A Stefano and Maindoeuvre in Montrèal in 2009. In Naples she began a journey of research into the popular traditions of southern Italy. She directed the medium-length film Costa d'angolo on the socio-urban changes of the Amalfi coast in 2014 and Pagani in 2016.


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