Venue: Offsite
Dates: Friday 21 October - Sunday 20 November

At the Outer Lock Crossing, Heol Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay CF10 4GA

Opening hours: 
Wed - Sun 11-4pm
+ 6 - 8pm Sat only


You can enjoy the content we have for this event but you can no longer book online for this event.

Heather And Ivan Morison: Love Me Or Leave Me Alone during Cardiff Contemporary


LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE is a carefully crafted sculpture, as well as the artists’ first permanent building in the United Kingdom. The artists were inspired by the shingled stave churches of Norway and the ad hoc beach shacks of 1960s West Coast America to create an animal-like form that is inventive and playful in design. Its high quality detailing and distinctiveness has been focused upon to create a very special artwork - sure to become a remarkable destination in this newly regenerated part of Cardiff.

During Cardiff Contemporary, Chapter will take over the LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE cafe and will be serving tasty treats from within, providing healthy and simple food that can provide a focus for conversation, activity and relaxation so that the old and new communities of the area can share the beautifully created public, open space in Porth Teigr.

Alongside our month-long food and drink offer we will also focus our activity around five additional events. LMOLMA will provide live acoustic music on Saturday nights and an outdoor, cinema event.

All events are FREE of charge.


Saturday 22 October, 6-8pm

Feast around a fire with live music provided by The Gentle Good. The Gentle Good is the stage name of singer-songwriter Gareth Bornello. Gareth draws on the language, poetry and melodies of Wales to create beautiful modern folk music in English and in Welsh. His last album, ‘Y Bardd Anfarwol’, was nominated for the 2013-14 Welsh Music Prize, and won ‘Welsh language Album of the Year’ in 2014. His much anticipated 4th LP launches in November.


Saturday 29 October, 6-11.00pm

Fun for all the family with a magical double bill of outdoor film screening with warming and delicious treats avaialble from the LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE cafe. Please dress warmly to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

6pm: The NeverEnding Story (PG)

1984/102 mins/PG. Dir: Wolfgang Petersen.

On his way to school, Bastian (Barret Oliver) ducks into a bookstore to avoid bullies. Sneaking away with a book called 'The Neverending Story', Bastian begins reading in the school attic. The novel is about Fantasia, a fantasy land threatened by 'The Nothing', a darkness that destroys everything it touches. The kingdom needs the help of a human child to survive. When Bastian reads a description of himself in the book, he begins to wonder if Fantasia is real and needs him in order to survive.

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8.15pm: Waterworld (PG)

1995/135 mins/PG. Dir: Kevin Reynolds.

After the melting of the polar ice caps, most of the globe is underwater. Some humans have survived, and even fewer still, notably the Mariner (Kevin Costner), have adapted to the ocean by developing gills. A loner by nature, the Mariner reluctantly befriends Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and her young companion, Enola (Tina Majorino), as they escape from a hostile artificial island. Soon the sinister 'Smokers' are pursuing them in the belief that Enola holds the key to finding the mythical Dryland.

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Saturday 5 November, 6-8pm

Zeuk are Ronnie Angel Pope, Marc Robert Roberts. Expect songs, soundscapes, musings, mutterings, walking, waking, cosmic dreaming, meandering, scrambling, scheming and some really serious stuff.


Saturday 12 November, 6-8pm

Tim Bromage is an artist and musician whose practice draws upon an interest in stage magic, folklore and physical movement. Props and costume are combined with song, text, and other activities to create strange rituals. For LMOLMA Tim will be performing traditional folk songs.


Saturday 19 November, 6-8pm

Our final feast around a fire with live music from Kit Wilmans Fegradoe. Kit is fascinated with presenting harmonious and textured sonic landscapes, allowing space for the listener to explore and play with the hope of eliciting a holistic experience of sound.



STUDIO MORISON founders Heather Peak and Ivan Morison have worked together as an artist duo, under the name Heather and Ivan Morison, since 2003, establishing an ambitious collaborative practice that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theatre. STUDIO MORISON facilitates their practice and the projects that flow from it.

STUDIO MORISON is currently working to deliver a new library, a public glasshouse, a landscape for a school, a number of public sculptures, social projects and civic spaces within new communities, a youth centre and a clearing in a forest. It is working to improve the quality of environment within the vast new distribution centres that line our motorways, to bring craftsmanship and excellence back to the heart of a post-industrial town and to find ways that as a population we can meaningfully reconnect with our nation’s forests and wild-places.LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE is commissioned by IGLOO regeneration and EMP Projects in collaboration with Chapter. The Cardiff Contemporary programme is developed by Heather and Ivan Morison and Chapter.


Supported by Cardiff Contemporary


LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE is commissioned by IGLOO Regeneration and EMP Projects and managed and curated by Chapter. The programme of events to be held during Cardiff Contemporary are made possible through the generous support of Cardiff Contemporary and IGLOO Regeneration.

Film Screenings are supported by TAPE Community Music and Film who also run The Coastline Film Festival through November. This aims to connect communities through film and filmmaking, using established and pop up venues around the Welsh coast.  

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