Mon-Sat 11.30am-4pm 

(Roast Dinners served Sunday 12-4pm)


Simple sandwiches

All below £3.95 served with a side salad

O) Hummus and red pepper Ve/DF/NF

O) Vegan sausage with HP sauce Ve/DF/NF

HP sauce contains gluten.

O) Cheddar cheese (salad optional)  NF

O) Ham (salad optional) NF/DF

O) Egg mayo and cress V/NF

O) Tuna mayo, cucumber and pesto

All below £4.95 served with a side salad

O) Brie, bacon & cranberry NF

O) Thai prawn NF

O) Smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive NF



Jacket potatoes

11.30am-4pm Mon-Sat

1 filling £4.50 / 2 fillings £5.50

O) Heinz beans GF/Ve/DF/NF,

O) Hummus&pepper GF/Ve/DF/NF,

O) Cheddar cheese GF/V/NF

O) Tuna mayonnaise GF/NF,

O) Three bean chilli GF/Ve/DF/NF

O) Beef chilli DF/GF/NF


Speciality sandwiches

O) Falafel wrap served with side salad £4.95 NF

O) Chapter signature fish finger sandwich, served with fries and tartare sauce Small: £5.50 Large: £9.50 NF Contains gluten.

All below £6.50 served with a side salad

O) Philli cheese steak ciabatta NF sliced beef steak with caramelized onions and a pouring of hot cheese sauce.

O) Sloppy Joe focaccia NF Beef chilli with Cheddar cheese and yoghurt.

O) Sloppy Giuseppe focaccia V/NF 3 bean chilli with Cheddar and yoghurt.

O) Chapter Club focaccia NF layered chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato with Chapter club sauce.

O) Chicken tikka artisan bun NF Spiced chicken, homemade onion bhaji, yoghurt and mango chutney.

O) Quorn tikka artisan bun Ve/DF/NF Spiced quorn, homemade onion bhaji, and mango chutney.

O) Goat’s cheese and chutney fritter bun V/NF Goat’s cheese covered with homemade cranberry and onion chutney fritter and salad bun. Contains gluten.

O)  Vietnamese Banh Mi baguette Ve/DF Baguette filled with Asian flavours. Vegan and dairy free. Contains peanuts. Contains gluten.

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