Venue: Gallery
Dates: Tuesday 4 April - Friday 14 April


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Marvin Ayres and Pete Gomes: Sensory


Sensory creates a beautiful audio-visual environment for DVD using a complex mix of spatial acoustics and computer generated sequences.Sensory creates an environment to relax; to think; to escape; to come down; to wind down; to contemplate; to refresh; to explore…A gentle, hypnotic and mesmerising experience, of soft coloured constantly changing light and music composed for electric cello and violin, Sensory lulls the viewer into a relaxed state allowing a space to think, to escape for a short time, and wind down inside a rich audio-visual experience, engendering a psycho-acoustic environment.

Sensory was acclaimed at its premiere at the Institute of contemporary Arts last year.Marvin Ayres and Pete Gomes collaborate under the name map, creating combined audiovisual work.Sensory has strong links to the first generation of computer film makers in the 1960’sand was influenced by ideas of Cybernetic Cinema and film makers such as Jordan Belson and the Whitney Brothers. Pete Gomes has been championing these forgotten filmmakers via a series of talks, screenings and articles.

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