Venue: Lightbox
Dates: Friday 21 October - Sunday 5 March


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Nástio Mosquito: Transitory Suppository: Act ♯III Light.Boxed


Nástio Mosquito’s diverse practice includes performance, video, music, poetry, installation, and digital art. His work is deliberately challenging, energetic and unpredictable and deals head on with some of the most urgent issues of our times. It confronts politics, war, sexual politics, unrestrained global consumerism and rapid globalisation. Mosquito always takes centre stage, whether working collaboratively or on his own; he often embodies a central character in his work such as the joker, preacher, or political leader. His practice is both confrontational and deeply witty, expressing an urgent desire to engage with reality at all levels.

For Artes Mundi 7 Mosquito premieres ‘The Transitory Suppository’, the first chapter of a large project that revolves around the construction of a fictional scenario, in which a despotic leader of a country called Botrovia begins to propose what he sees as fast and practical solutions to world problems. The presentation embraces different elements including installation, video and graphics (seen here) and is separated into four acts.

‘Transitory Suppository: Act ♯I Another Leader’ sees Mosquito taking on the role of a political leader A.L. Moore - an exaggerated character who embodies the antithesis of political correctness and whom we see annotating his opening political speech.

‘Transitory Suppository: Act ♯II No.Pruritus. No.Ani’ references a complex world in which charity in the form of medical relief is on the one hand a humanitarian act, but on the other is tied up with a local and global health care system driven by powerful supra-national conglomerates.

The final acts: ‘Transitory Suppository: Act ♯III Light.Boxed’ and ‘Transitory Suppository: Act ♯IV Stockholm Antidote’ can be seen here on the front of the building and in the Gallery.

About the artist

Mosquito has performed at institutions including Tate Modern and the Walker Art Center. In 2014 Mosquito was announced as joint winner of the 3rd Future Generation Art Prize and named by The Guardian as one of Ten African Artists to Look Out For. He gained widespread attention earlier this year for his exhibition Daily Lovemaking at IKON, Birmingham, a piece that was later exhibited at the 56th Venice Biennale.

Nástio Mosquito is presented at Chapter alongside the work of Lamia Joreige (in Stiwdio Seligman) and Bedwyr Williams (in the Caffi Bar) as part of Artes Mundi 7. 

For more information about the artist ask a member of our Gallery team or download the Artes Mundi app. 

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