Diffusion Photography Festival

Posted on: 17 May 2013 by Sam Hasler

The theme of the Diffusion Photography Festival is ‘Where are we now?’ What’s that title about in a city like Cardiff? The festival programme at first glance looks daunting in its scale, scope, and ambition. It’s a very exciting prospect to see almost all of the city's galleries and arts organisations involved in this festival. This is surely testament to the strength of the community of artists and curators who work here. This festival, as much as showing some really exciting photography and artworks, might then show another much grander picture: a portrait of a citywide art community ever growing in stature and pulling together. Where are we now?

Of course it’s because of the photography that the festival is here. Photography here in all its broadest interpretations. So broad that sculpture, performance, film, painting, books, writing, music all start to spill in to the mix.

One part of the festival I’m particularly keen to see is Gideon Koppel's video installation B O R T H. To see such an acclaimed director cast his eye over one of Wales’ most characterful towns will be a real treat. It’s great that Chapter are able to host his contribution to the festival. With Maurizio Anzeri’s exhibition and the Publishing Weekend here too, the festival's going to be taking over for a while.

I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds - with every element of the festival showing the potential to be great.

Diffusion takes place across the city from throughout the month of May. Visit www.diffusionfestival.org for details of all of the exhibitions and events.

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