Everyman Theatre's Do Not Go Gentle, the story so far, part 2...

Posted on: 30 Aug 2017

This September, our tenants (and one of the founding organisations of Chapter) Everyman Theatre, present Do Not Go Gentle in the Seligman Theatre, a co-production with The Drill Hall Theatre Company from Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia. Here, Everyman's Kathy Thomas tells the second part of the story of how this exciting production came to be. Click here to read part one.

5. Gwanwyn, May 2016

We were delighted to be awarded a Community Grant to take part in the Gwanwyn Festival. This festival, organised by Age Cymru, celebrates and encourages participation in the Arts of those aged 50 and over and provided just the boost we needed.

The feedback we received from those who participated in our ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ event in Chapter was both inspiring and humbling.

“One could not avoid being touched and affected by the stories from the ‘audience’, who quickly became key contributors.  People in the discussion group I led said they had never before told anyone some of the concerns and experiences they had had, dealing with the condition. This unburdening was obviously of great relief, especially as others joined in as the discussion opened up and people realised they were not alone in their feelings.”

6. The Local Tour

The project expanded with a fully rehearsed Everyman Cast presenting the opportunity to tour local theatres.

7. The Working Party

April 2016 saw the formation of a Working Party. Flights needed to be booked, hosting arrangements made, a social itinerary planned and fund raising activities organised.

‘From Laugharne to Taunton, Frome and St Ives’, ‘Love in the Discovery’, ‘Myths and Mayhem’, Craft and Book Stalls - all helped to raise over £1,300. Budgets were drawn up, marketing strategies discussed and T-shirts ordered. The Working Party became the engine room of the project and St Canna’s Ale House kept the cogs turning.  

Click here to read part 3.

Everyman Theatre: Do Not Go Gentle part 2

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