Invisible City: Settling in at Chapter

Posted on: 08 Jan 2015 by Lowri Jenkins and Jennifer Fletcher

Lowri Jenkins and Jennifer Fletcher collaborate at Chapter this month to produce Invisible City, a story of loneliness, longing and making connections. In the first of a series of blogs, they tell us what's been going on behind the scenes:

Hellooooo! Jen and Lo here. It’s now Day 3 of our 2 week residency at Chapter. We’re so happy and honoured to be supported by Chapter and funded by Arts Council Wales to finish the development of Invisible City. A theatre collaboration between Writer/Performer Lowri Jenkins, Choreographer/Director Jennifer Fletcher and Composer/Musician Mat Martin.

Jen and Lowri first met more than 2 years ago at a horrible networking event. Both nursing a nasty cold,  we bonded over a shared hatred of networking - and we actually ended up working together...who knew, those events actually do make things happen!?! Lo mentioned to Jen an idea she was working on for a play about loneliness and city living, and that she was looking for someone with a dance background to collaborate. The next week we bumped into each other in a completely different place and by then the ball was already rolling.

This idea turned into Invisible City, a show that follows Marie, a young woman moving from her comfortable village to the big city, where we begin to see her new environment provoking a lot of internal struggles she hadn’t predicted. The piece blends text, movement and original soundscapes to create the sense of both the new city, and Marie’s inner turmoil.

Two years later and we are back in Wales after a long journey of experimentation and scratches which has taken us to London, Bilbao, Venice, Barcelona and back to Lo’s home in the Vale of Glamorgan. Here at Chapter we are lucky enough to be reunited with Mat Martin, Bristol-based musician who composed the original sound score and will be with us again to create the audio world of the show. We also welcome on board Buddug James Jones as set designer and Leah Crossley as documenter and photographer extraordinaire.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to return to this project with a full team and have the space and time to consolidate all of our experiments from the last two years on the road. It’s particularly nice to finally be back home in Cardiff, where this journey began for Lowri, who first workshopped early ideas at residencies through NTW - Waleslab Pollinate and the mini-Drift 2012. And being in Chapter is giving us a lovely home to revisit our particular brand of collaboration - mixing dance, music and theatre languages, and seeing where they meet.

We’ll be back to update you in a week with another blog on 16th January. Come check out the finished piece at Chapter on 21 & 22 January - tickets are are available here.

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