Karol Cysewski premieres his new funny and physical work in Cardiff

Posted on: 07 Sep 2015 by Karol Cysewski

Performed by three smart yet idiotic male dancers, Homo Irrationalis is a physical and funny mission to discover if we are still wise and intelligent Homo Sapiens, or are we becoming Homo Irrationalis, displaying ever more erratic and irrational behaviours?

Homo Irrationalis shows my interest in physicality and humour - I want to make a performance that can make people laugh! But there are other inspirations too, drawing on nature documentaries, and being related (loosely) to scientific themes. 

The show is presented by three researchers who are sharing their theory on Homo Irrationalis as a new branch of humankind which is taking over from Homo Sapiens. Through movement, sound/ music, projection and irreverent humour, you will go on a journey from single cell organisms to “thinking human” and beyond. 

Are you one of these new Homo Irrationalis beings, or are you still Homo Sapiens? Is Homo Irrationalis a progressive or regressive evolutionary development? And are the researchers themselves still “wise humans”, or have they too become “irrational” beings?

We have been making the work through the last few months using students, dancers, and other research. The work premieres in Chapter and in November will tour to Aberystwyth, Harlech and Newport.  

This new show comes off the back of a sell-out run at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe with Wonders Of The Universe at Dance Base, earning a four star review by Judith Mackrell in the Guardian. Wonders was an unexpected hit with families of older primary school and secondary aged children; mainly because of the slapstick humour and strong visuals. We hope H.i. might be too. Wonders will be touring Wales again in 2016, with Creu Cymru's dance consortium.

Click here to see Karol talk about the show in English and Polish.

Homo Irrationalis by Karol Cysewski

Chapter, Cardiff: Friday 11 Sept 2015 (8pm) and Saturday 12 Sept 2015 (4pm)

And touring to Aberystwyth, Harlech and Newport in November 2015:

  • 4 November - Aberystwyth Arts Centre and 01970 62 32 32
  • 6 November - Theatr Harlech and 01766 780667
  • 11 November - Riverfront, Newport and 01633 656757 (Discover Dance festival)

karolcysewski.tumblr.com | @kcysewskidance


  • Choreographer: Karol Cysewski
  • Performers: Chris Owen, Hugh Stanier, Ygal Tsur
  • Music: Sion Orgon
  • Costumes: Angharad Matthews
  • Consultant / adviser: Deborah Light
  • Photography: John Collingswood
  • Graphics / print design: Marc Heatley 
  • Producer: Laura H Drane

Supported by Arts Council of Wales, and Chapter, Ballet Cymru, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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