Warning: This page and the downloadable reading material contains spoilers for My Own Private idaho

Lavender Screen: My Own Private Idaho

Posted on: 14 Apr 2016 by Claire Vaughan

Our Lavender Screen LGBTQI+ discussion group meets monthly to discuss the latest films, chaired by our Programme Officer for Film and Cinema, Claire Vaughan. In April they discuss My Own Private Idaho as part of our Celebrating Shakespeare season, co-ordinated with British Council Wales. Here you can read the supporting materials and listen to the recording after the discussion. 

Discussion points:

  • The film dialogue is in neo-Shakespearean language. How does it feel to have such a contemporary film told this way?
  • How useful is this as an adaption of HenryIV part 1?
  • How does this film reflect on contemporary issues and how well does this suit an adaption?
  • What has been the legacy of New Queer Cinema?
  • How much difference does casting a pop culture icon (Keanu Reeves in Idaho, Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet) have to the marketing and consumption of the plays?

Read the supporting materials on the PDF in the downloads section on the right of this page or by following these links:

Shakespeare Gets a Queer Update by Chris Melville

Twenty-five years of New Queer Cinema: A look back at a film movement that has challenged stigmas and defended the transgressive 

My Own Private Idaho is a personal statement and a River Phoenix memorial 

My Own Private - New Queer Cinema 



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