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Posted on: 30 Aug 2013 by Matt Green

It’s just under a week until we launch what promises to be a really special event: UnBUTTONED. We’re going to create an experience that will move, entrance and inspire people. We’ll use classical music, audio responsive and interactive visuals and lots of other things that I don’t want to give away.

We’ve been working with Tom Raybould, a familiar face to regulars at Chapter. If you know him, he barely needs introduction, but if you don’t then that’s a real shame, because he’s ace. He’s currently nominated for a BAFTA award and is shortlisted for the Wales Music Prize. He’s a great person to collaborate with. Good collaborators will take ideas and suggestions, challenge them, break them apart, take away the rubbish bits, add good stuff, and then make them feel like they were both of your ideas in the first place. Tom does that. He’s taken the ideas we had and really taken them to another level; bringing in other awesome strands, interests and creative people and as something of a musical enigma has a fascinating approach to classical music.

When I’ve tried to explain what UnButtoned actually is I’ve ended up talking in circles and being really vague. It’s not a concert, it’s an experience. You can expect to be really moved by beautiful music and completely entranced by amazing things to look at. I don’t want to give too much away, but when Tom showed me a sneak preview of some working ideas I was amazed and completely entranced. I can only liken it to going from VHS to Blu-ray; everything about it is so much better, and since being shown the preview things have developed even further!

People may be put off by the fact that UnButtoned features classical music. Just a couple of words on this: Don’t be. We understand if you don’t like classical music and some of the more traditional stereotypes that I won’t spend time dispelling here. Forget any pre-conceptions because UnButtoned is completely not like that. It’s not a classical music concert, it’s an amazing event featuring classical music. We’re not expecting loads of new converts to classical music as a result of UnButtoned, we just want people to see how classical music can be approached in a different way and explore some of the potential that’s offered by awesome new technology and talented people to work with.

So join us next week, let us know what you think. Bring an open mind, open ears, open eyes and be ready to experience something unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Matt Green has been working with Sinfonia Cymru since 2011 and took up a post full time with the orchestra as Orchestra and Tours administrator in summer 2012 after graduating from Cardiff University. Matt is a pianist and is extremely passionate about all things musical, especially chamber music and opera. Matt is especially interested in how classical music can borrow organisational structures and working processes from other art forms and the development of musicians’ entrepreneurial skills.

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