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Posted on: 17 Nov 2015

The Unique Me opens this Thursday, presented by Theatr Ffynnon and Theatr IoloTheatr Ffynnon is a not for profit, professional, Community Arts Theatre Company working primarily with adults and young people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health. The company is recognised as a model of best practice in supporting the development of a disability arts culture in Wales and beyond.

Here, two of their members talk about how they have been preparing for their upcoming perfomances:

Mork and Ollie's blog: How one of our members @ Theatr Ffynnon is making a difference! 

Mark Sibley is one of our more established members/performers from our Risca group and has been working with Theatr Ffynnon for over 8 years.  Mark is one of the performers in TF’s dance/movement project “Metamorfoza” which premiered Larvae at Chapter in July 2015. Mark has performed in a number of our theatre productions, including “House for Sale” (2013) and Pieces of Hate (2012).

Mark is an active volunteer with the Royal Gwent Hospital, and attends college at Oxford House in Risca where he is an assistant supporting new students. Mark is passionate about the arts and is always on hand to support up and coming members of Theatr Ffynnon. 

Ollie Hafod is one of our members from the Abergavenny Group and has been working with us for 3 years.  Ollie works in a café on a Friday which supports his love of cooking.

Both are currently in rehearsals for our production “The Unique Me” which opens on Thursday 19th November in the Stiwdio.

It’s their first week and this is what they had to say:

Ollie’s blog:

Ollie how are you enjoying working with Mark?

“I’m enjoying it very much, Mark is very helpful”.

How do you think Mark can support you?

“He can help me with my confidence as he has a lot of experience in working in Theatre. I can learn a lot from him”

What tips has he given you?

“Mark is teaching me how to make my character which is a caretaker in a library more real for the audience. He is helping me with some exercises that help me focus and allow me to concentrate more. We have the audience all around us when we perform, so Mark has talked this through with me as I’ve been feeling a little nervous about that”

Mark’s Blog:

What do you think the role of a mentor is?

“To provide support. To help things go smoothly and make sure the person is ok.  To help a person grow as a person and give them a positive experience."

What do you think your role is?

“To help Ollie build his confidence on stage. To help him connect with the story and his character."

What tips have you been teaching Ollie?

“I’ve been helping him to use props. Using props can be difficult sometimes so I’ve been showing him how the props can help tell the story. Also the importance of timing when using props.  I’ve talked about lighting too and how important it is that you are aware of the lights and where you should be on stage."

What has the role of mentor taught you?

“That I have a lot of skills to share. That we should all have a respect for one another”.

Are you enjoying the role of mentor?

“Yes very much. It’s really nice to meet new people and work with different artists. It’s a very positive experience”. I’d like to do this more often and I know that other members of Theatr Ffynnon would too.”

The Unique Me will be performed in Chapter Stiwdio on Thu 19 + Fri 20 November. Both performances will feature BSL interpretation and audio description, and will be preceded by a Touch Tour. Click here for more information.

To learn more about Theatr Ffynnon's work, visit their website at

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