Statement regarding the EU referendum

Posted on: 28 Jul 2016

Following the EU referendum, its outcome and unfolding consequences, a period of uncertainty is inevitable. It will take time to understand the longer-term impact.

Chapter must now consider what it means to be an arts centre in Wales in a United Kingdom on the edge of detaching itself from the European Union. The myriad of implications for arts organisations are revealing themselves one by one, they are many, complex and intertwined.

Wales has benefitted culturally from substantial European investment and Chapter has actively developed and participated in international and European cultural partnerships, networks and exchanges. Despite future uncertainty about funding, we remain committed to maintaining and strengthening these links and convinced of the value they bring to Wales and to the communities who use Chapter.

We are immensely proud of our international community. Everyone is welcome here. We have a large network of friends, artists, colleagues and organisations that are from or work in the EU and elsewhere, and we will continue to strengthen our international links.

We will not change our vision and will continue to foster an inclusive, prosperous and international artistic community that shows the very best work from across the world. We will actively connect the local with the global and will build engagement and understanding to create a more open and collaborative cultural landscape in Wales.

Chapter staff and Board of Trustees

In response to Chapter's statement, Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, said:

"While we wait for the new EU/UK landscape to emerge, people and communities across Wales will continue to benefit from the unifying power of the arts. The arts can play a vital role in ensuring that we remain united, at a time when we are faced with fundamental questions about our country's future."

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