Artist Call Out: Chapter Artwork Commission Posted on 10 Aug 2020

Artist Call Out: Chapter Artwork Commission

S Mark Gubb, Free For All Forever, 2010

About the commission

Chapter is re-opening in the Autumn and to celebrate we would like to commission an artist to create an artwork for the front of our building.

For the last 10 years Chapter has commissioned a range of works that have featured on the glass box at our entrance, placing the visual front and centre of the venue. Artists have included: Vernon Ah-Kee, Phil Collins, Holly Davey, Bedwyr Williams, Rachel Maclean, Lothar Goetz, Melanie Counsell, S Mark Gubb, Cornelia Baltes, Tatham & O’Sullivan and Nàstio Mosquito.

See examples of previously commissioned artworks at the end of this post.

Who can apply?

We are inviting applications from Wales-based or Welsh-by-birth visual artists to create an impactful work to celebrate our re-opening. The artwork will be in situ until the end of January 2021.

How do I apply?

Please download and complete the application form and submit it either by email to or by post to Hannah Firth, Chapter, Market Road, Cardiff, CF5 1QE. Please complete and return the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form separately to 

Your proposal should be accompanied by up to 6 images that are demonstrative of your recent practice (last 3 years).

Your proposal should describe or illustrate the artwork that you envisage for the location. This can be submitted in one of two ways:

1. Create an artwork that can be your final proposal;

2. Write a compelling proposal for an as yet unrealised work appropriate for the space. If you submit a proposal for an unrealised work, please also send us supporting examples of your wider practice so that we can get a good idea of how the final work might look (see the application form for details). 

We are open to either scenario as we realise that creating a new artwork can take time and resources that some artists may not have at present. However, the turnaround is tight from selection to realisation so please ensure that the work you propose can be delivered on time for installation. We will need your final artwork by midday on 14 September.

Your proposal should take into account the public location of the artwork.

Your artwork proposal should also take into account the dimensions of the façade and be scaled accordingly. The final artwork will be in a letterbox format that is four times longer than it is high. 

Proposals can be provided in digital format, for example a Vector file or tiff. If you are proposing something that is not yet digital such as a painting (that can be scanned and used) please do not send the original painting. Take an image of it and send as a jpeg or other digital file.

The successful artwork will be scaled up to fit the larger dimensions of the actual site and will be printed on to vinyl. The dimensions of the final artwork will be 4.33 x 17.37m.

Artist’s fee

The selected artist will be paid a one-off fee of £500. All costs for the reproduction and installation of the artwork will be covered by Chapter.

Selection panel

The work will be selected by Hannah Firth, Director of Programme at Chapter, Claire Vaughan, Cinema Programme Manager at Chapter and by Deborah Smith. 

Deborah Smith is a curator who has worked for over two decades. Through exploring different strategies for collaboration and the presentation of interdisciplinary practices she continues to deliver exhibitions alongside large-scale commissions, residencies, conferences and publications, interwoven with programmes of learning, engagement and interpretation. 

She has developed projects in galleries and in the public realm with internationally respected organisations such as Hayward Touring; The New Art Gallery Walsall; Norfolk & Norwich Festival; Camden Art Centre; Chapter, and Contemporary Art Society. Recently she was Curator, Arts Council England Collection National Partners Programme at Birmingham Museums Trust, and Head of Programmes (Interim) at the Serpentine Galleries. Smith is an elected board member of IKT Association of Contemporary Art Curators (2017-2020), a steering group member of Intoarts (a disability arts studio) and a Jerwood Artist Advisor.


For further information about any of the application process we will be holding a zoom meeting where you can ask Hannah Firth more about the process, details, etc. This is scheduled for Monday 17 August at 11am. If you would like to join the meeting please email Hannah Firth separately at and you will be sent a link. If you can’t make the meeting please email any questions.


The deadline for applications is 8pm on Tuesday 1 September 2020. The successful applicant will be notified by 4 September. All other applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than Tuesday 8 September.

Apply now

To apply, please complete the following forms: 

Download Application Form

Download Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form 


Examples of previous artworks:undefinedCornelia Baltes, 2018

undefinedRose Wylie, 2017. Photo Adam Chard

undefinedRichard Woods, 2015

undefinedRenzo Martens, 2015

undefinedTatham and O'Sullivan, 2015

undefinedChristoph Dettmeier, 2014

undefinedLothar Goetz, 2012

undefinedVernon Ah-Kee, 2012

undefinedHolly Davey, 2011