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Chapter Voices: Rob Kennedy Posted on 07 May 2020

We're so proud of Chapter's Creative Community, from our staff and volunteers to our studio holders, tenants and community gardeners - they make us who we are! We’ve really been missing everyone, so we’ve asked them to let us know what they’ve been doing, making, watching and thinking about.

This week our cinema Projectionist, Rob Kennedy, gives us a little insight in to his life in lockdown:  

"I work at Chapter as a projectionist where I spend many lonely hours in the dark with low flickering lights. Even though it’s the warmest sunniest spring time ever I’ve been spending my Stay Home period in yet more darkness, making UV calm spaces in my home and garden, using reflective fluorescent vinyl materials.

Ironically I have been working on this project frantically, which is the opposite of calm, because I have enjoyed it more than I care to admit.     

One room in my home is now full of cut out reflective figures that are adhered to the walls and windows. The garden is now full of geometric shapes mounted on clear plexiglass, all nestled amongst the plants.

These artworks glow in the dark, when using UV lights, which create a great environment for reflection during these difficult times.

To see more of these repeated patterns check out my Instagram @uvcalmroom. DM me on insta for any enquiries."