This year is Chapter’s 50th Birthday and we would like to mark this amazing milestone by celebrating the creativity of our children and young people.

We are excited to announce our children’s artwork competition and we hope to work with schools in the Central South Consortium to encourage pupils to let their imaginations run wild.


What: an open call to all learners aged between 5 and 16 years. Pupils are invited to submit a drawing, painting or collage that will be entered in a competition to create a giant artwork that will be displayed at the front of Chapter for all the public to see! 

Theme: POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE. We would love learners to imagine themselves and the world 50 years from now and to send a postcard ‘back’ to their present-day self, showing them what it’s like: What will Wales look like? What will we eat? Will we live in space or under the ocean? What will school look like? These are just some possibilities and we’re sure that young people will have many more brilliant ideas.

Categories: the submissions will fall in to three categories 5-8yrs; 9-11yrs; 12-16yrs.

Selection and voting: An expert panel will select three pupils from each category who will win prizes for the school. The designs by these 9 shortlisted learners will then be advertised online and the public will be invited to vote for a winner whose artwork will then be transformed in to a 19 metre artwork that will be shown at the front of our building for 6 months.

Whilst there can only be one winner, all pupil entries will be exhibited in an online exhibition that Chapter will devise and promote for the public to enjoy.

Prizes: For each age group, we will award three prizes: first prize is a £500 voucher, second prize is a £300 voucher and third prize is a £200 voucher, for your school to spend on arts and crafts equipment.

How to enter: The location where the work will be situated at Chapter is a large letterbox shape so pupils will need to scale their drawings so we don’t have to crop them.

The outline box should be 10cm high and 40cm wide and pupils should create the outline on their sheet of paper first and then draw within the outline only. For ease, we have created a template that you can print out - click here.

We’ve devised the dimensions so it can fit on to an A3 sheet of paper. It needs to be A3 so we can scan it in to a high quality when we scale it up.

Submissions should be two-dimensional ie in pen, pencil, crayon or flat collage. We can’t accept submissions that have a lot of texture to them (eg pom poms, scrunched up tissue paper, etc) as we can’t scan them.

Please make sure that all submissions are marked in pencil on the back with the name, school year and age of the child and their school.

Sending the submissions from school: You can send submissions to Caitlin Davies, Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE. Alternatively, we can collect from your school!

Deadline: Friday 16 July

Please note that if you would like us to collect drawings from your school the deadline is Friday 2 July so we can collect them all before the end of term.

Selection: the shortlisted learners will be announced on 7 September and will then go to a public vote.

Winner announcement: Friday 15 October

Installation: the artwork will be opened to the public, along with the online exhibition, on Friday 5 November.

If you require more information or have any queries, please email


This project is sponsored by: 
James Graham Owen, Moondance Foundation and Morgans Consult