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Fun film study: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Posted on 01 May 2020

Fun film study: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

To keep you entertained during lockdown we are continuing to create exciting educational opportunities in support of our artistic programme, as well as working with schools to develop programmes of activity that add creative value to the traditional classroom approach.

We’re proud to have worked with many film festivals such as the WOW Film Festival, and the INTO Film Festival and national film organisations such as Ffilm Cymru, Film Hub Wales and the BFI to design and develop a number of film study packs, creating literacy-focused learning tools that complement the film viewing experience. 

This study pack for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is suitable for 8-10 year olds, and includes extracts from the book that will help answer some of the character work on the writing sheets.

You can also use the description in extract 2 as the starting point to create a fantastical drawing of the inside of the Chocolate Factory. If you have access to the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) as well as the Tim Burton Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), there's also a nice compare and contrast exercise where you can consider and describe the very different styles between the two films.

Included in the pack is some background context of Roald Dahl's life. You can use the internet to research more about Roald Dahl and his connection to Wales.