The Infinity Card: Events Programme Posted on 20 Jan 2023


A full events programme has been created to accompany Leo Robinson's solo exhibition, The Infinity Card which is in our gallery until 16 April 2023. Read more about The Infinity Card here.

We have a series of films that will immerse you in Afrofuturism, ritual practices, non-linear time and altered psychological states - asserting different ways to reimagine our pasts and futures.

Alongside the film series, we're hosting a reading group to read Shola von Reinhold's exquisite debut novel LOTE. Join us over the course of 5 weeks to read the novel and come together to reflect, to think and learn, not only from what we'll be reading but from each other.

Full event listings below...



Hilma (12A)

Sunday 29 January – Wednesday 1 February

The delicate and beguiling story of artist Hilma af Klint's search for truth about humanity and the universe through art, at a time when men made all the rules.


The Matrix (15) 

Sunday 5 & Tuesday 7 February

A hacker discovers the shocking truth that the life he knows is an elaborate deception.


Neptune Frost (15)

19-23 February

A celestial cyber-musical with a radically bold vision of power, exploitation and love.


The Holy Mountain (18) 

Sunday 26 February & Wednesday 1 March

A powerful alchemist leads a Christ-like man to the Holy Mountain to achieve enlightenment.


Maangamizi: The Ancient One (12)

Tuesday 7 March at 11:30am

An American doctor meets a patient in Tanzania who makes her question her core beliefs.


Free film: Inside Out (U)

Saturday 4 March

When young Riley moves house her emotions try to find a way to help her cope.


Crumbs (15)

Wednesday 8 March at 1:50pm

A hapless scavenger living in post-apocalyptic Ethiopia is sent on a surreal quest.


Daughters of the Dust (12A)

Sunday 12 March

A languid, poetic story of Gullah women as they prepare to leave their island home.


Becoming Plant (adv.18)

Sunday 19 March

An inquisitive choreographic and therapeutic group experiment with psychedelics.


Arcadia (12)

Sunday 9 April

A provocative, kaleidoscopic exploration of Britain through archive film.


Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes (no certificate)

Sunday 12 April

A ground-breaking film where artists reflect on ritual in their lives and art.


Amazing Grace (U)

Sunday 16 April

Captured on film we see one of the greatest performances by Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.


Reading Group

The Infinity Card: LOTE Reading Group 

Thursday 9 & Thursday 16 February


Join us over the course of 5 weeks to read Shola von Reinhold’s exquisite debut novel LOTE

Each week we’ll read chapters in advance and then come together to discuss and explore the novel further. The weekly sessions will also include contextual materials including music, art, film and additional texts. 


Image: Leo Robinson: The Infinity Card. Stuart Whipps for Chapter 2022.