Thomas Williams - Gallery Assistant

I was born in Nigeria and brought up, mostly, in York. My mum is originally from the Rhymney Vallery and my dad from Ceredigion. I came to Cardiff in 2013 after 30 years in London. I have worked in the Chapter gallery, and as part of the Visual Arts Team, since September of 2014.

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Q: What d'you call a donkey that hasn't washed in a while, has only one eye, likes to wear rubber, plays piano in a saloon and only has three legs?

A: A stinky, winky, kinky, honky tonky, wonky donkey.


    02 Oct 2018

    Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December, 11am – 6pmThis year Chapter’s Festive Food Fair and Oh So Crafty are combining forces to...

  • National Lottery Cinema Day

    21 Sep 2018

    Did you know every time you play The National Lottery you’re supporting British film as well as community projects in your local area...

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